Company Project History

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  • Company Lighting Retrofit Project History and Customer References

    In order to assess your qualification for participation in NXT Level, we need information about three energy efficient lighting retrofit projects your company has completed within the past three years. NXT Level may contact utilities to verify project completion. NXT Level may contact two customers as references. Please choose two customers. Please note that all entries must be projects completed by the local branch or office listed on the main application page.

    • You must provide at least three projects:
      • You must provide at least one project completed in each utility service territory to qualify for NXT Level listing in that service territory (which may mean more than three projects). If you would like to add utility territories after completing this project history form, contact for assistance.
      • If you are applying for listing in fewer than three territories, provide multiple projects in the same utility territory to bring the total to five projects.
    • You must check two Customer Reference boxes, indicating the program has your permission to contact this customer as a reference.
    • If you are a subcontractor or supplier and didn’t interact directly with the utility incentive programs, please contact the general/lead on each project for this information.

For any questions on this application form, please contact us at or at 800-413-9661.