NXT Level 1 Training

Advance your career with the latest lighting techniques and technologies.

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Free of cost thanks to your local utility


Web-based and available whenever you are

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Earn up to 8 continued education units

Level 1 Course Overview

Ideal for those new to the industry, or for seasoned professionals looking for a refresher or to fill a knowledge gap, NXT Level 1 provides lighting professionals with a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of a lighting retrofit—broken into seven modules, each focusing on a different aspect of a project.

Course 1: The Value of Lighting

  • Understand how to increase the value that lighting can provide to a client
  • Learn how to articulate the various benefits that lighting can provide to end users

Course 2: Lighting Concepts

  • Learn the important foundational concepts used in the lighting profession
  • Determine and compare the energy efficiency of various types of lighting equipment

Course 3: Lighting Technology (Part 1)

  • Select the appropriate luminaires, light sources and controls for a variety of applications
  • Understand the operational characteristics of various types of luminaires, light sources and controls

Course 4: Lighting Technology (Part 2)

  • A continuation of Course 3, with a focus on interior and exterior luminaires and controls

Course 5: Lighting Economics

  • Learn to conduct an economic analysis of a lighting system based on long term operating costs
  • Understand the cost information needed to help building owners make informed decisions

Course 6: Lighting Energy Codes

  • Know in which construction and renovation situations lighting energy codes apply
  • Learn how to design systems to meet lighting energy code requirements

Course 7: Utility Programs

  • Understand the benefits of energy conservation to electric utilities and its end use customers
  • Learn the role of trade allies in utility and conservation programs

Level 1 Training Events

There are no training events currently scheduled. Please check back soon.