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DesignLights Consortium (DLC)

Topics: Lighting Standards, LLLC/Networked Lighting Controls, Qualified Products List, Technical Resources

The DLC has ten years of experience promoting energy efficiency in the commercial lighting sector. We pride ourselves on our adaptability to the rapidly-changing industry, our commitment to transparency, and a core dedication to our mission of driving energy-efficiency through lighting. A few of our key accomplishments include the largest verified list of high performing LED lighting products and over 40% gains in product efficiency on the Solid-State Lighting QPL over five years.

The DLC drives energy efficiency in the commercial lighting sector. The DLC helps utilities create better energy efficiency programs by identifying and verifying the highest-performing products and systems. We provide technical expertise and a collaborative forum for all industry stakeholders to drive product performance. In addition, the DLC works tirelessly to create new programs, tools, and resources that are relevant to the needs of end users and that push the commercial lighting industry into a more energy-efficient future.

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