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Lighting Design Lab

Topics: Lighting & Control Codes, Lighting Retrofits, Lighting Standards, LLLC/Networked Lighting Controls, Technical Resources

Lighting Design Lab (LDL) technology experts and thought leaders, along with our colleagues and partners, has leveraged resources to help you access technical information and link you to programs that will enhance your projects and support your business. We offer a wealth of resources including live webinars, videos on Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLC), Lighting Guides, Energy Code information, newsletters and recordings of past webinar sessions. Lighting services consist of LDL staff performing project consultations and computer modeling. These professional services can greatly benefit end-use customers and support utility program goals.

Utility Program Support

Utility program support services consist of LDL staff working on behalf of utilities to provide program design, data analysis, policy guidance and more. These professional services are aimed at helping utilities optimize their investment in reaching savings goals and exceeding customer expectations.

Core Services Areas:

  • Education Development & Delivery: LDL is an industry leader developing and delivering new curriculum for the lighting and utility industries. With both in-person and online events LDL offers CEU’s for many of its classes delivered across the northwest.
  • Product Evaluation: LDL works with industry leaders to help demonstrate and evaluate the effectiveness of emerging technologies. These activities identify market barriers and inform future focus areas.
  • Tools & Resources: Synthesizing feedback and market intel from both utility and industry partners, LDL develops next generation tools and resources that support market transformation. These on-demand resources support and augment LDL’s scheduled workshop delivery.
  • Information Aggregators
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