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Selling in 6

Topics: Lighting Retrofits, Sales Training, Utility Trainings

Selling in 6 features hundreds of 6-minute lessons on energy-solutions-focused professional selling. Accessible via smartphone, tablet or other internet-connected device, these lessons can be viewed or simply listened to. They are keyword-searchable, can be assembled into custom playlists, and can be reviewed as often as needed. Custom playlists of lessons for both traditional and nontraditional sales roles are available. Weekly viewing reports, monthly two-hour coaching sessions, financial analysis templates, and many other resources come with each license. The creator and narrator is Mark Jewell, an award-winning sales trainer and WSJ bestselling author who started his career in lighting in 1993 and has influenced energy decision-making in 3BSF of buildings. Selling Energy has appeared on Selling Power magazine’s list of Top 20 Sales Training Companies and has taught more than 11,000 energy professionals how to sell.

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