NXT Level Training Terms & Conditions


By participating in NXT Level training, you agree to the following terms and conditions that constitute a legal agreement between you and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Inc. (NEEA).


Program Details:

  1. NXT Level, including NXT Level trainings, is managed and administered by NEEA in collaboration with its utility funders. NXT Level provides trade ally individuals in the lighting retrofit industry with training to develop comprehensive skills in the areas of lighting design, installation, economics, and performance evaluation. Qualifications, eligibility requirements, and training content are subject to change without prior notice. NEEA has sole discretion in giving and revoking NXT Level designation to Participant.
  2. Participant: The person accepting these terms and conditions (“Participant”) is either:
    • The representative of a participating company certifying that the company is eligible for the program; or
    • The trade ally individual certifying that he/she is eligible for the program.
  3. Eligibility: Eligible participants are:
    • Companies with a valid business license located in ID, MT, OR, or WA that have at least three years’ experience working on lighting retrofit projects using utility lighting incentive programs. NEEA reserves the right to verify project history and customer references. If your company is located outside of the aforementioned states, please email us at info@nxtleveltraining.com or by phone at 800-413-9661.
    • Individuals with experience in the lighting industry. In order to earn the NXT Level 1 designation, an individual must have at least one year of relevant industry experience. NEEA reserves the right to verify professional references. NXT Level 1 designation is a pre-requisite for participation in NXT Level 2.
  4. Accuracy: Participant pledges that all information provided in the NXT Level application is true and accurate.
  5. Licensing and Insurance: Participant agrees to provide a contractor or electrician license number (where applicable), business license and all necessary workers compensation insurance, and agrees to maintain them current and valid. Failure to carry valid insurance and licensing will result in the loss of NXT Level designation.
  6. Verification: Participant understands that NEEA reserves the right to verify all licenses and insurance are current and valid as provided by Participant, and that project history information is accurate. Participant agrees to provide NEEA current and accurate information for the purposes described in this section.


Receiving and Maintaining Designation:

  1. Qualified Employees: Companies must employ and maintain NXT Level designated staff in order to maintain NXT Level designation. Companies no longer employing a NXT Level designated individual(s) are not eligible for NXT Level designation.
  2. Continuing Education: Continuing education units (CEUs) are required in order for individuals to maintain NXT Level 1 and 2 designations. Participant agrees to fulfill all continuing education requirements in order to maintain designation.
  3. Courses and Exams: Successful completion of course content and exams is a requirement for individuals to receive NXT Level designation*, Course and exam content and structure may change over time. Participant agrees to abide by all course and exam rules and required updates as they are made.
  4. Good Standing: Participating companies and individuals are expected to maintain high quality standards, industry best practices, and excellent customer service. Participants may be disqualified from participation and/or lose their designation as a result of noncompliance with program requirements.


NXT Level Designation List:

Receiving NXT Level designation makes the participant eligible to be listed, at NEEA’s sole discretion, on the NXT Level Training website, where it is publicly visible and available for customers to access. You hereby give permission to NEEA to list your contact information on NEEA websites and other forums, including the NXT Level Training Network website.

  1. Branch Participation: NXT Level designation is earned for only the specific branch or location of the company applying and employing the qualified individual(s). Other branches of the same company must apply and be accepted separately in order to receive the designation.
  2. NXT Level companies associated with one or more NXT Level 2 designee(s) will receive priority posting on the designation list.
  3. Change of Employment: Participant agrees to notify NEEA of changes in employment that impact NXT Level designation.  Such changes include NXT Level-designated individuals terminating or beginning employment.
  4. Disclaimer/No Liability: NEEA does not recommend or endorse any individual or company who participates in the training program, receives NXT Level designation, and/or appears on the NXT Level registry. NEEA makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever to Participant, including, without limitation, the warranty of merchantability or fitness of purpose. Under no circumstances will NEEA be liable for indirect, special consequential punitive or exemplary damages. Any contract or communication between any participating individual or company and any customer is exclusively between those parties.
  5. No Project Designation: NEEA does not designate projects as “NXT Level-certified” or guarantee energy, financial savings or quality standards on specific projects completed by NXT Level-designated individuals or companies.
  6. No Guarantee of Utility Incentive Eligibility: Participant understands that the utilities providing services in the areas in which lighting work is conducted independently determine special rebates and incentives for those projects. NXT Level participation does not guarantee additional utility incentives. NEEA does not provide incentives or rebates.
  7. No Marketing Guarantee: Participant acknowledges that NEEA does not guarantee marketing or market value for participating individuals and companies.
  8. No Endorsement: NEEA does not endorse any particular trade ally company or individual associated with the program. The fact that the names of participants may appear on NXT Level or NEEA branded web pages, print materials, or other documentation does not constitute an endorsement.
  9. Evaluation: Participant agrees to cooperate with NEEA evaluation efforts to the extent identified as necessary by the program.
  10. Notices: Participant shall provide NEEA with immediate notification if Participant no longer has a license, certification, registration or insurance required. In addition, Participant must notify NEEA immediately of any changes to the trade ally information which trade ally submitted during the application process including but not limited to any change of address or change of ownership or business structure.



  1. NEEA’s Website Terms. You acknowledge that you have read and agree to NEEA’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service provided at http://neea.org/about-neea/privacy-and-terms-of-use. NEEA’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service also apply to your participation in NXT Level.
  2. Conflict. In the event that these terms conflict with NEEA’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, these terms shall prevail. You may also be required to agree to separate legal terms for NXT Level online trainings. In the event that these terms conflict with the terms for a NXT Level online training, these terms shall prevail.

* NXT Level 1 participants holding qualifying credentials are eligible for designation without taking courses or exams. Qualifying lighting credentials include the Lighting Certified (LC) credential from the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP), the Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional (CLEP) from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and the Certified Lighting Management Consultant (CLMC) from the International Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO).