Ambassador Marketing Toolkit

Thank you for your commitment to being among the best lighting professionals in the region. While lighting contractors will use their NXT Level designation to promote their special training and experience, we ask non-trade-ally designees to join us in promoting the importance of advanced, energy-efficient lighting techniques and technologies by becoming a NXT Level ambassador.

These tools and tips can help you use your NXT Level training and professional position to promote the value of NXT Level training to your trade ally network.

Toolkit Guide

The toolkit guide walks you through each available marketing tool for our ambassadors, including best practices for implementing each into your own marketing.

Ambassador badges:

  • Level 1: PNG (for digital), JPG (for print), EPS (vector file)
  • Level 2: PNG (for digital), JPG (for print), EPS (vector file)

Training flyer: 

Level 1:

Level 2:

Customizable promotional messaging: 


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