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Foster Safer Buildings with Exterior Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLCs)

Today’s LLLCs offer so much more than deep energy savings—they offer a host of advanced capabilities that equip building operators with immediate and actionable intelligence that enhance the safety of buildings and properties.

To save significant energy, LLLCs use sensors to turn off at daybreak and turn on at sunset, and dim at pre-determined times when no one is using exterior areas. But the benefits of LLCs don’t just stop at energy savings and convenience—LLLCs also offer immediate, actionable intelligence to improve building safety.

For instance, LLLCs can be linked to the security systems to let security personnel know when someone is at an entrance, in the parking area, or under a light-pole when the building is unoccupied. They can also signal maintenance issues before a lighting outage occurs, keeping buildings and properties safely illuminated without interruption.

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