Trade Ally Spotlight

NXT Level Spotlight: Alison Miles, Pacific Lamp & Supply Company

After seven years in the lighting industry, Alison Miles, Project Manager and Utility Coordinator at Pacific Lamp & Supply Company, has witnessed a dramatic evolution. “When I first started, the lighting industry was very straightforward,” she said. “Back then, when a fluorescent tube went out, you just went in and replaced it. With the switch to LEDs, it’s become far more complicated.”

With the goal of staying on top of a rapidly evolving industry, and to give her team an edge over competitors, Miles enrolled in NXT Level 1 training. Once completed, she quickly moved on to the more advanced NXT Level 2 coursework. “We’re a small team, so designations like this help us maintain a leg up on larger firms through advanced customer service,” Miles said. “Taking the time to show that we’re dedicated to staying on top of the latest techniques and technologies is key to encouraging customers to choose us instead of the competition.”

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