Trade Ally Spotlight

John Hwang, PlanLED

A leading lighting company in Seattle keeps staff on the cutting edge with NXT Level training.

Seattle lighting company PlanLED uses research and close collaborations with trade allies, researchers, utilities, manufacturers and customers to develop product solutions that achieve energy savings and improve the user experience. Founder and CEO John Hwang knows his team’s understanding of the lighting industry is crucial to his company’s success, and that’s where NEEA’s

John PlanLEDNXT Level training comes in. Everyone on Hwang’s eight-person sales team has participated in the training, with half already achieving the designation and the other half well on their way.

“Lighting products not only have to meet code, they also have to meet the culture of the client’s workplace,” said Hwang. “NXT Level helps our staff understand market needs, how to work with utilities, and how to serve customers better.”

“It is difficult for a small company like ours to manage this type of training in-house on our own,” he continued. “NXT Level is accessible and it gives everyone the opportunity to learn. Even the most experienced lighting professional can benefit from NXT Level training. It empowers you with knowledge to bring even more benefits to your client.”