Sales Tips

Sales and the Customer Perspective

Idea-Money-illustrationYou understand your products, how they work, where they should be installed and how they will benefit your customers, right?

Sales people believe it is their job to tell customers what they need and how great their business will be after installing new products. Unfortunately, most sales people assume their customers care only about the products and industry stats. A few may but the majority of customers do not.

Customers want to buy from someone they trust and like. Every company that is trying to sell to your customer is certain they have great products and services. So what will set you apart? The answer is, your relationship.

What kind of a relationship do you have with your customer? Is this a first time meeting? Were you referred by an existing client? Asking questions, questions and more questions is the only way you will build trust and understand their needs and perspective.

The relationship you develop with your customer should start and end with them. Ask about their business, and its opportunities and challenges. Demonstrate genuine interest in how their business works. Let the customer lead the conversation and go along for the ride.

Now that you have developed the most critical part of the sales process you can learn why you are here. Don’t assume that you know.

Start with the question “why”. Why would they be interested in upgrading or changing their lighting? Why is now the right time? Every “why” leads you down the path of additional questions, and each of those questions provides more information about their business and the direction they are headed. Take notes, listen, and confirm that you understand what they want and need. Your job is to sell solutions not products.

Your customer’s needs may not align with your original plan, which believe it or not, is great news. It may be more work for you and take more time, but you are now delivering what is best for the customer and not just what works best for you.

In the end you will sell your products and services because of the time you invested in building a relationship. And it’s all because you understand your customer’s perspective.