Trade Ally Spotlight

Sam Fisher, Electrical Wholesale Supply

Sam Fisher, a sales rep for Electrical Wholesale Supply’s (EWS) Meridian branch, first learned about the NXT Level training program from Idaho Power. The timing was perfect; he wanted to acquire more technical knowledge about lighting and learn better ways to sell the technology and program incentives. “The NXT Level experience has improved how I explain lighting technology so both contractors and end-users are well-informed,” he said.

Fisher has been with EWS for 25 years and honed his focus on lighting over the past eight years. Founded in the 1960s, EWS is the only independent wholesaler in the Northwest and serves customers in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. To date, he’s the first EWS salesman to earn the NXT Level designation, but he won’t be the last. Several co-workers are eager to participate as well.

“Changes in lighting technology are so fast-paced that it is hard for the contractors to stay up to date on all the products,” explained Fisher. “If I keep myself educated, then I’m a better resource for them and can help them deliver a stronger recommendation to their customers.”

Fisher appreciates gaining deeper knowledge about the science behind lighting and the many non-energy benefits it adds to the workplace. Helping trade allies and end-users evaluate the merits of energy savings, payback, ROI, and maintenance savings is essential. “Learning more about controls has been one of the more valuable parts of the training,” he continued. “I understand how controls really add value and energy savings to a project, so I can communicate that to my customers.”