Sales Tips

Six Steps to Engage Your Customer

Engaging customers early on in the lighting upgrade proposal process can be the difference between starting a project or not. Consider the following list of reminders for communicating with your customer while getting their buy-in to move the project forward:

  1. Offer creative solutions to your customer. It demonstrates your willingness to solve their challenges and shows your expertise at the same time.
  2.  Be open and transparent. Obstacles can crop up at anytime and derail or delay even the easiest projects. Find ways around excuses, and do your pre-work to eliminate barriers.
  3.  Communicate and follow-up. Do you confirm appointments, send follow-up material quickly, and stay in contact after the sale? When you exceed the expectations of the customer, you show you are someone they can trust.
  4.  Believe in your own product. The product or service that you provide should energize you. If you aren’t enthused about what you are selling, how will your customer get excited?
  5.  Learn about their business. Customers want to know you care about their company and how you can make it even better. Keep it simple and align your proposal to meet their business objectives.
  6.  Provide alternatives. Customers need options to help them compare, contrast and consider their choices. By providing more than one idea in your proposal, you showcase your creativity and problem solving skills.

Service is crucial, and how it is delivered is a great way to differentiate yourself.