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Why Hire a NXT Level 2 Lighting Professional?

Make sure your lighting professional is among the best in NW lighting

NXT Level 2 designees have built upon their NXT Level 1 designation to stay sharp and up-to-date on the most advanced and efficient lighting techniques and technologies. This cutting-edge lighting training is created and administered by Northwest utilities, lighting experts and organizations. When you hire a NXT Level 2 designee, you’re hiring an advanced lighting expert who’s specially trained to provide you with:

  • Expert lighting system evaluation including existing lighting equipment, lighting conditions, human factors and redesign feasibility
  • In-depth analysis of LED technology and applications including evaluating new lighting products for performance, energy use, reliability and cost-effectiveness
  • Optimal control type and technology selection for projects, including control system compatibility and interoperability with other controls and lighting components
  • Project alignment with, and access to, available utility incentives that lower project cost

For the best lighting across Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, look for the NXT Level designation badge.

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